Thursday, February 03, 2005

Handy Search URL's

I've been using Google Deskbar for a while now, its still in beta but pretty stable.

The reason I mention it is that it allows you to define custom searches. These are not restricted to using google, but instead can use any other search engines. It also allows you to assign a short cut key so you can search sites like Amazon, Encarta, Shares, the MSN search etc. at the press of a button (well 2 when you include CONTROL).

Anyway, I have some handy URL's that you can add to the customized search.

To add them choose the deskbar Options followed by the Customized Searches tab.
Then choose the Add button. Enter a title, define a shortcut key, and type or paste in the URL.

Here are the URL's:

Google Desktop Search (Required Google Desktop to be installed):{1}



Amazon (UK):\{1}

MSN Shares (GB only):{1}

MSN Shares
(All - you have to include the country prefix in your search keyword, e.g. gb:msf){1}


MSN UK Search:{1}

MSN Search:{1}

Encarta Search:{1}